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What if a tripartite cyber-attack is implemented against US power grids?

In case Iran, China and Russia weigh in for Nicolas Maduro’s request, the United States will be only one suffering a tragic loss.

What if a tripartite cyber-attack is implemented against US power grids

Following Venezuelan government’s request regarding the need of global communities help for their countries power outage, we should expect to see how each one these nations and their officials will respond to such demand. 

Nicolas Maduro has asked for help from United Nations, Russia, China, Iran and Cuba to help investigate the cyber-attack on the country’s power grid, which led to massive blackouts in the country.

“I will request assistance from the UN, as well as from Russia, China, Iran and Cuba, who have vast experience in issues of protection against cyberattacks," he said on Tuesday in a speech, broadcast via the Periscope app.” He said.

Maduro said he has already appointed a "special presidential commission to investigate the cyber-attack."

The reason why Maduro has chosen these countries is that the countries each have suffered and victimized by massive cyber-attacks conducted by US government.

Iran’s stuxnet, Russia’s research institute’s recent disruption and Chinese intelligence and military targets are just few of American tradecraft against the mentioned nations’ infrastructure.

Since Iran, China and Russia has tremendous capabilities in cyberspace, the most controversial question is that whether they will take the offensive approach against the United States or they will just provide aid to Venezuelan government in order to fully and successfully sustain from this crisis.

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