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Supreme Council of Cyberspace Secretary Confirms Telegram Traffic Hijacking

Abolhassan Firoozabadi says that data protection is of the essence for the country.

Supreme Council of Cyberspace Secretary Confirms Telegram Traffic Hijacking

Supreme Council Secretary, Abolhassan Firoozabadi in an interview with Iranian News Channel stated

In a message sent to the public it was announced that we won’t allow our Media to be freely shaped on foreign platforms. We have granted permission to Telegram Gold and Hotgram, Iranian versions of Telegram, to take any necessary measures to function independently from the foreign version.

Promising the independence in less than two years, he added

We are hoping to launch similar homemade from of all famous social media applications or messengers such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram in the fixed time.

Firoozabadi also regarded to the Task Approved by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace for supporting domestic messengers and social media applications and said

Since external social networks are not based on Islamic Republic’s constitutions, one of the targets in order to protect our data the task of transferring Data Centers or Data Storage of Iranian users’ information of foreign messengers with large number of Iranian subscribers inside the country.

Source: Cyberbannews

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