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Iran Ranks First in Cyberspace says Iran's Head of Passive Defense

Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali addresses 400 percent growth in Iran’s cyber capabilities.

Iran ranks first in cyberspace says Iran's Head of Passive Defense

Taking cyber threats and network security into consideration, Head Iran’s Passive Defense Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali stated “We've achieved significant capabilities in the realm of such threats, and we can repel these types of attacks easily."

He added “At 5th Cyber Defense exhibition in December 2018, we saw by about 400% growth compared to the first exhibition in terms of the number and quality of cyber-quality systems.”

General Jalali continued “In industrial control systems, we have four home-made products that are better than foreign systems.”

He said "With special defense architecture, we have built control systems for the gas industry, saying that about 200 cyber defense products were built domestically."

“While the United States claims to be a victim of cyber-attacks, it is the world's major actor in conducting cyber-attacks.”  Jalali said addressing the recent US cyber-attack on Venezuela's power industry and disruption in its strategic industries.

He added: "Over the past six months, we have been conducting 70 exercises in the field of banks, water, electricity, energy, etc., and we have made progress and we have had good preliminary results on the National Communications Network.”

He also stated “The countries which are hostile to the Islamic Republic besides some of the Gulf States that are active against us in the cyber domain and the Saudi regime , For example, has used some kind of mercenary corporations by leveraging one of the social networks and purchasing its shares.”

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