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Iran Army Ground Forces Produces Electronic Warfare Equipment

The commander of Islamic Republic Army’s Ground Force announced that the they are developing new military weapons in the field of ground combat.

Iran Army Ground Forces Produces Electronic Warfare Equipment

“Defense industry experts and the Jihad Self-Defense Force are now building up and preparing new weapons in various areas.” Said Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces, Brig. Gen. Kiumars Heydari.

He said the weapons were in various areas, such as armored, anti-armored, various missiles and electronic warfare equipment.

The commander of the Islamic Republic Army Ground Forces said: “Part of these military weapons is being prepared, which are due to be unveiled in April of this year.”

Heydari emphasized that the process of delivery of these weapons to the operational units after the launch will take place.

The commander of the Islamic Republic’s Army, said in a recent interview with IRNA that the his unit will unveil new UAVs this year to carry out missions on new flight links.

This force unveiled some of its new equipment, such as the Shahin Radio Jamming System, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Hexacopter Drone capable of bombing in the last annual Sacred Defense Week ceremony. 

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