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Former Pentagon Official to Acknowledge Iran’s Advanced Electronic Warfare Capability

Pentagon Michael Maloof wows Iranian cyber abilities since 2013.

Former Pentagon Official to Acknowledge Iran’s Advanced Electronic Warfare Capability

RT America’s Rachel Blevins joins Rick Sanchez to discuss Iran’s credible claim of having hacked and commandeered multiple US drones, footage of the action released by Iran’s military, and the Pentagon’s official response. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins the discussion, sharing his insights on Iran’s electronic warfare expertise and reverse-engineering successes.

Michael Maloof stated that “they probably not only did that but they can actually use that to gain intelligence on what we are looking at and be able to move their forces accordingly.”

Confessing IRGC’s advanced capability in electronic warfare capability for a long time he also added” this is the technology and the capability that they have had since at least 2013. When they were able to commandeer the RQ170 stealth drone which was a CIA drone from Afghanistan flying over  and doing reconnaissance over Iran.”

He continued” They were able to commandeer that drone, bring it down to the ground in Iran and reverse engineer that drone and they are now using their own similar to that plus they got access to electronics, highly classified electronics inside that drone.”

“The Iranians have been known for years to be expert in the electronic warfare. They are great at hacking and they are able to control the algorithm and logics to control these things.” Acknowledged former Pentagon official Michael Maloof.

Since American officials did not expect such advance capability in IRGC cyber crew, Maloof expressed ”I have had an Iranian tell me that if they can do this on more sophisticated level they can do this with radars, our ships, any Us or NATO capable aircraft.”

Finally, confirming that Pentagon was not able to take the control back and that was the reason they took down their own drone he said ”If we could not gain access to it and it had highly sensitive technologies on it, sure.” 

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