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Cognitive War is the Adversary’s New Game Plan

IRGC Media Consultant believes adversaries are trying to change Iranian public opinion via Cognitive War.

Cognitive War is the Adversary’s New Game Plan

“The enemy’s cognitive attempts in the fourth decade of the Islamic Revolution must be handled by loyal university professors’ offensive actions. Patriot professors must recognize the enemy and thoroughly perceive the conditions” said IRGC Media Consultant, Hamidreza Moghadamfar.

Moghadamfar continued “to the extent that the Islamic Revolution in the world is considered like a miracle its stability, despite all enemies’ 40-year attempts, is a miracle as well.

Pointing out that during all these years the enemy has failed to apply various kinds of tactics, including soft, hard and semi-hard warfare he said “Today, the conditions of the enemy have reached a stage where they face the serious lack of an actor among the opposition parties, and for this reason they have gone to Pahlavi traitors and hypocrites.”

Regarding to the fact that this subject expresses the frustration of the enemy, Advisor to Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Azad University said “The Supreme Leader, of course, stated in his recent statements that the Islamic nations’ adversaries’ scenario has been revealed, but people must be vigilant in confronting future intrigues.

He emphasized: the enemy today has opened a new and unknown battlefield under which circumstances it is our duty to have a futuristic and behavioral approach to the enemy and the scenario.

Expressing that the adversary peruses the battle and their evil actions in the hope of their Intellectual, cultural and practical affiliates’ measures on a platform called “Cognitive War” inside and outside the country, IRSG media consultant said “Cognitive War is a subject crafted by Americans and while we do not know much about this issue, we have been involved with it for a while.”

"The enemy in the soft war followed the change in beliefs of the people, authorities and the dedicated forces of the revolution as the main target of soft attacks, whereas the main purpose of the enemy in Cognitive War is to manipulate the calculation of people and authorities," he said.

He argued that the enemy advanced cognitive war strategy with two game plans: Manipulating facts and creating a disadvantage in the correctness and efficiency of slogans and values. These two strategies are for the advancement of cognitive war and in the first method, the enemy seeks to duplicate facts and ideals.

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