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Americans Tasted Their Own Medicine

Envoy reveals that US has been sponsoing of anti-Iran twitter accounts.

Iran's ambassador to London has divulged details about the role of US government in sponsoring a series of Twitter accounts involved in a propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.

In a Twitter message on Saturday, Hamid Baeidinejad revealed the US role in hostile cyber activities against Iran.

"The US Department of State has cut off financial supports for a Twitter account dedicated to the overthrow of Iranian establishment under pressure from public opinion," the ambassador said.

"This Twitter account frequently hammered the authors who criticize the US sanctions as a violation of human rights. By taking this measure, the US has also disclosed the existence of the project on financing destructive Twitter accounts," he added.

The revelation came after reports that US President Donald Trump's administration is funneling public funds to organizations dedicated to regime change in Iran.

Those organizations are said to be using the funds to impugn their ideological adversaries online.

In a thread on her Twitter account, Iranian-American journalist Negar Mortazavi has revealed that a Twitter account dubbed "IranDisinfo" has been using American tax money to attack Iranian-American journalists, analysts, academics, and activists.

The US Department of State has acknowledged the malicious account and has suspended funding for it.

Source: Cyberbannews

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