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Amazon Prime Day Phishing Attack

Cyber security experts warn of new phishing scam ahead of Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day

Cyber security experts are warning shoppers to be careful during Amazon Prime Day happening on July 15.

According to FOX 7, the annual event is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and cyber-criminals know that.

They use it as an opportunity to try and steal sensitive consumer information.

The TV outlet said McAfee shared information on a new phishing kit that has surfaced targeting Amazon shoppers.

Hackers can essentially create emails that include links to fake websites in order get information about your identity.

“We recommend that if users want to check any account changes on Amazon, which they received via email or other sources, that they go to Amazon.com directly and navigate from there rather than following suspicious links,” warned McAfee.

Amazon offers more tips on its website for how shoppers can protect themselves.

Source: fox8

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