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Adversary’s Spy Agent on Security Cameras

The head of Passive Defense Organization believes that smart-making the devices is a threat to country’s infrastructure.

Adversary’s Spy Agent on Security Cameras

Considering the smart-making objects as a threat to national security, head of the Passive Defense Organization said enemies are using these capacities to try to obtain the information they need from our country. One of the major methods of data theft is sending the videos and pictures to other addresses through the software engineered on CCTV cameras. 

The Iranian official referring to the newly released US strategy that addresses new issues such as cybercrime, told ISNA

 The United States wants to take control of cyberspace.

He also added

This shows that there is a possibility of cyber sanction and consequently the costs imposed on our country. They want to make sustainable services difficult in our country; another issue that is likely to be pursued by them is the interruption of the Internet in some areas besides the implementation of offensive operations to the country's infrastructure, requiring readiness to counteract the cyber-attacks of enemies. One more is the threat of things being smart. By expansion of smart-making potentials in the country, advarsaries will definitely try to get the information they need from our smart community. For example, CCTV cameras are equipped with some sort of software that can send a copy of captured videos to a certain address. 

Head of Passive Defense Organization added that development and infiltration of smart technologies in all domains that give different capabilities to objects and create smart homes, smart cities and smart infrastructure, and besides all these, it is possible for outsiders to penetrate, control and manipulate information which could disrupt the functioning of the country's critical infrastructure.

General Jalali continued

All authorities must design and implement specific programs to safeguard our critical infrastructure and by running multiple exercises they can increase the level of preparedness  for certain situations. Equippting organizations with UPS  is one of the most important ways to maintain the function of the country's infrastructure.

He also said that six plans to respond to these threats are allocated to reduce dependencies and maintain the functionality of the cyberspace.

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