World War III battlefield

Robots will play a key role in the third world war and will become an integral part of armies. These killer robots can be found fighting beside human forces on the Lands, in the Air and through the Sea. Such weapons usually perform independently except at the firing moment, so as to keep civilians or armed forces unharmed.

Some researchers have recently introduced the term “internet of robots” believing that robotic equipment will gradually gain independence. Considering that all six aspects of war are combined and weapons are in contact all over the world, it may be possible that they form a hidden communicating network to develop themselves.

Unmanned weapons are vulnerable and in such case, armed forces would be easily targeted. Moreover, despite the fact that there have been various attempts to stop the development of killer robots for several years, there were debates at the World Economic Forum in 2016 that the destruction of the enemy's robot on the battlefield was considered a crime requiring the sanction of the actor and compensation of his country.

Laser weapon is another type of military equipment being developed by many countries like the United States, China, Russia and Germany. For instance, China claims that they have produced a portable laser weapon capable to fire about a thousand bullets with automatic magazine loader.

In such a broad battle for sure, the issue of the use of nuclear weapons also arises, but the issue that has sparked the concern of some analysts around the world over nuclear weapons is the bombs and the effects of electromagnetism. An electromagnetic bomb can disrupt all the digital equipment around.

According to some scientists, nuclear weapons will release three different electromagnetic waves at the moment of the collision with the target with a much more fatal effect than nuclear weapons themselves. These electromagnetic waves are capable of disrupting all of the equipment, including critical infrastructure, at a very high radius. In such case, for example, it may take two years for electricity network to return to normal condition.

Ultimately, smart making of all weapons - from aircrafts controlling drones to weapons with an operating system- could be addressed. For example, the US army claims that they have created a new kind of bullets capable of changing its path like tracking missiles, in order to hit the target.

Despite all of the above, these cyber warriors will be mentioned as the most important parts of the Third World War. This group has the duty to create an integrated relationship among all units in the war. They also hack into detecting enemy systems and weapons, not only to steal vital information that changes the outcome of the battle, but also to infiltrate the enemy's assets against themselves through the use of robotic and intelligent systems. They are also able to install destructive codes in enemy’s systems called “logical bomb” which can be enabled to cause a destructive system failure in case needed.

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