A Permanent Victor Against US-Israel burnet Strategy

A permanent Victor Against US-Israel burnet Strategy

A look at western media reports on Stuxnet cyber-attack suggests that the US government is seeking to portray itself as a self-sacrificing hero in justifying the attack and persuading the world that they were forced to carry out the attack with Cooperation of the Zionist regime.

Given the US's opposition to Iran's nuclear program and the Zionist regime's propaganda, it was not strange that Iran's enemies wanted to slow down their nuclear advances via evil methods. Although they stated that they had all the options on the table, they knew well that a military war with Iran was not possible or, if so, would not pay for it. On the other hand, Iran insisted on continuing its nuclear program. It was that the United States and the Zionist regime saw the way to cyber-space.

A cyber-attack has several features that still allow attackers not to worry about anything when using it. One of these features can be the anonymity of the attacker's identity. The identification of the main attacker and the attribution of his attack, if not impossible, is very difficult. On the other hand, the cost of launching a cyber-attack is much less than a traditional military attack, which will surely urge the leaders of each country to exploit it.

Cyber war alongside traditional war

The severity of the destruction of some cyber-attacks has been so high that governments have been thinking of putting the cyber war on the ranks of traditional wars. In this sense, if a country realizes that a cyber-attack has been launched against them, they can take preventive and retaliatory measures. This criminalization of cyber-attacks can also be seen in the Tallinn manual 2.0. This NATO-issued manual deals with international cyber warfare laws and regulations.

According to the Tallinn manual, Iran will have the right to defend and retaliate if they make sure that the United States and the Zionist regime have acted criminally against the country. However, the questions is whether the international community will give Iran and the others like Iran, which are among the largest victims of cyber-attacks, the right to exploit a countermeasures approach in the face of such crimes.

According to the NATO CCDCOE, the cyber-attacks of the United States and the Zionist regime in Iran are definitely accounted intentional and illegal. Now, it's better to understand why the United States and Israel refrain from making a formal confession for committing this crime. They fear the consequences of a cyber-war as they were worried about military consequences.

Western media from the very beginning of the discovery of the Stuxnet malware introduced the designer of it or at least acknowledged the involvement of the US government in this regard. Apparently, as reported by American authorities, Stuxnet was launched by former US president Obama's exclusive order. On the contrary, according to other resources, its design and construction dates back to the time of President George W. Bush. Edward Snowden in an interview with SPIEGEL, on July 7, 2017, announced that Stuxnet design co-sponsored by the US NSA and Israel National Security Council.

US-Israel fear of confession

Although western media have acknowledged US involvement in the design of Stuxnet malware, American officials have not officially accepted it. By denying their interference, they want to avoid the legal and non-legal consequences of accepting this issue. In 2015, Wall Street Journal was one of the US press releasing that the Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA) and the Zionist regime employed Stuxnet against Iran's nuclear facilities.

However, with the greater transparency of US-Israeli cooperation in designing and deploying the virus against the Iranian nuclear industry, and the release of further documents on their participation, their responses and reactions will be nothing but excuse.

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