Passive Defense Organization Requires a Full Cooperation

Passive Defense Organization Requires a Full Cooperation

The passive defense week was a motive to have members of the Passive Defense Organization and the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei gathered. The Passive Defense, in place of his remarks, has always been emphasized, and he regards it as a permanent principle. The emphasis on the importance of the issue of passive defense on many occasions is a special significance on the immense importance of such an organization and, on the other hand, its heavy duty in dealing with the enemies of the country.

The Supreme leader, in a recent meeting on the occasion of the Passive Defensive week in late 2018 with the Head and the officials of this association, emphasized the increasing importance of Passive Defense to confront the emerging threats of enemies said “Facing complex methods of enemies’ assaults, the Passive Defense must have vigilance and seriousness, besides taking actions scientifically, precisely, up to date, and inclusive, in addition to confronting any influences.”

Ayatollah Khamenei considered the importance of Passive Defense is necessary in all sectors and added: "If the authorities of our country do not grasp the importance of this issue and consequently Passive Defense does not develop satisfactorily, the country will be subjected to some intimidating threats, therefore Officials from different parts of the country, whether military units or civilian ones, must cooperate fully with this organization."

Although short extract of the Supreme Leader’s speech have been published, there are many indications that can address the challenges we face in several domains.

Vigilance and Seriousness against complex aggressive incursions

The vigilance and seriousness against the complex methods of enemies’ efforts is the first principle seen in the leader's words. This means that he has realized the depth of the methods of enemies to terminate the revolution and intends to pass it on to the authorities. Hybrid wars and the use of various cyber-attacks may be considered as an integral part of the adversaries’ harsh approaches requiring a double knowledge and exploitation of the modern practices.

On the other hand this vision must be created among all the officials of the country whose new threats including cyberattacks are a serious issue that is not a fiction anymore and should be considered to be dealt with. Fortunately, this issue has been getting more seriously in the past months by officials from different entities, meaning awareness of cyber threats among executives is rising. This is the point that is necessary to deal with the threats of the new generation.

Inclusive and Up-to-the-minute Confronting and fighting 

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, change of adversaries’ techniques to impact and influence the country has led to the need for new ways for counteracting them, and the use of old tools can no longer be functional and effective. The Supreme Leader has emphasized that authorities in the country, while trying to address all threats in the country, use updated tools for this issue. The use of modern equipment and training to increase deterrence is an irrefutable principle for increasing the country's defense capability. Resistance to new threats is possible only by modern knowledge and updated managers, and relying on old equipment to confront new challenges does not sound logical.

The appropriate development of a Passive Defense

The development of passive defense is essential to counteracting new threats. Utilization of all capacities for the developing Passive Defense, understanding the essential and the avoidance of unnecessary measures, proper and effective investment, the use of elite and young forces and reliance on indigenous capabilities of the country are among the measures that can be taken effective for the development of decent Passive Defense.

The need for full and necessary co-operation with Passive Defense

Passive Defense is considered as the protective shield of the country against all threats. The philosophy behind the establishment and emergence of such an organization is to stand against the dangers and crises that have reshaped in the modern world and in any way would charge the Islamic Republic. As an example, the Passive Defense Organization's executive order to prohibit the entry and use of mobile phones in critical and sensitive sectors. The emphasis of the Supreme leader on the requisite of cooperation of all the organizations with the Passive Defense emphasizes the importance of it and puts a heavy burden on everyone. 

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