Cyber War Makes Israel to Stand Much Less Than 25 Years

Cyber War Makes Israel to Stand Much Less Than 25 Years

Zionist regime’s Prime minister has recently stated that Iran launches cyber-attacks against Israel on a daily basis. “We monitor these attacks and we foil these attacks all the time.” He added.

Benjamin Netanyahu has also mentioned “Any country can be attacked today with cyber-attacks and every country needs the combination of a national cyber defense effort and a robust cyber security industry."

 Israeli officials have always expressed their concerns though some sort of accusations and diversion strategies so that they can manipulate public opinion for their own sake. These measures are contrary to what they have done and vast crimes from brutal massacre of defenseless Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian people to cyber-attacks launch in order to disrupt and devastate other countries’ critical infrastructure all committed by this terrorist regime.

Less than four years ago Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in a response to Israeli officials statements after JCPOA talk said “After Nuclear talks I heard Zionist officials claimed that with those talks they would not need to worry about Iran for 25 years. First, I say that you won’t see the next 25 years. Second, in the meanwhile the fighting, epic and jihadist Islamic morality will not leave Zionists a moment.”

The fact is that in case Iran tends to assault Israel, they will not have the fear of announcing that in media and press as they are always committed to their words. According to the fact that the country’s strategy against Israel has always been particularly serious, emergence of cyber warfare in its new phase can help to reach the goal much sooner than 25 years.

The Islamic Republic does not fear in its diplomatic behavior towards Israel, therefore Iranian officials stand firmly and say that if they are decisive to knock down Israel, there will be definitely no way other than that; however, it is more likely that Syrian forces overtake Iran or even Lebanon so as to pull Israel. This is just because Israel has indeed been debilitated since the beginning of its nasty history.

According to the Israel’s domestic mainstream media critical infrastructure including its railways, dams, power grid and aerial military equipment are the most important capitals for the illegitimate nation. Actually, this is just a game being played for international community and is never considered as their vital capitals because the knowers know what Zionists assume as major capital.

Although Iran hasn’t given an appropriate response for Stuxnet - Israel and United States trade craft- targeting Iranian nuclear facility in 2010, Zionist official must keep that in mind “If you hit once, you will be hit 10 times.” In addition, they have to keep in mind that their cooperation with Germany, France and United States on Stuxnet project will never be forgotten by Iranians and they must be expecting the consequences to happen ten times.

Iran’s approach to this issue has never changed during the 40 years after Islamic revolution and various Iranian officials have constantly warned the illegitimate regime of their illegal actions across the world and in particular west Asia. According to a recent statement by second-in-command of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Salami “Our strategy is to eliminate Israel from the geopolitical map of the world” it is clear that Iran will not hesitate to wipe up the Zionist nation in case they do anything wrong to start a war.

Since Iran’s cyber capabilities have been expanded and developed significantly during the past decade, blocking Israeli’s critical infrastructure cannot be very difficult for Islamic Republic’s Cyber Army. It is worth mentioning that Iran’s most activities and involvements in cyber domain were in the defensive phase, though.

The Zionist officials’ plan of action has been normally to pretend being oppressed and make excuses to expand their aggressive acts through various domains. As Netanyahu mostly talks about Iran’s domestic affairs and sends ridiculous messages to Iranian nation, Israeli propaganda across Mainstream Media signals that they have been unable to confront Iran. Therefore, in order to accomplish their anti-Iran policy they urge youth on a domestic channel 10 program to join their cyber army. This shows a lack of brainwashed staff in Israeli cyber forces and confirms that their personnel have realized the extreme fallouts in case of any friction with Iran.  

On the other hand it also conveys the fact that Israelis are fearful of Iran’s active involvement in the region. Assuming Iran as a wall which hinders them from reaching their aggressive goals, Israeli authorities rely on fake news and propaganda to exaggerate the events and ruin Iran’s reputation in global community. The question is why Iran would meddle in Israel’s upcoming election while it has nothing in common with any political party there. Indeed, Islamic Republic is not even thinking of that for now.

Not recognizing occupied territories as an official country, Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces, Major General Muhammad Bagheri said “Quds belongs to Palestine and the Islamic world and the United States must bear in mind that the Muslim world will prevent this move with its alliance.”

He has also referred to military coalition of Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran and expressed that the unskilled and injudicious politicians of these countries have a lot of great sayings, but in practice they realize that they cannot challenge the military authority of Iran. He also added “If the enemy exceeds, we will respond in due time.”

It could be interpreted that responding to enemies’ assault would not necessarily mean taking military action; in other words, it could also include cyber sphere in which Zionist critical infrastructure would be much more vulnerable and Iran’s attempts in this field could be multifaceted.

Iran’s new strategy which grants the permission to military forces to act offensive against Israel indicates that Israel will not last any longer in the history. The only question which still remains is that whether Israel will make it up until Iran puts its decision into action. Combination of youth and cutting-edge cyber talents with spiritual concepts among Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian forces have made them take concrete steps towards the demolition of Israel. The fact is that Iran is just one these countries’ rival and is just trying not be knocked out of this tournament.

What could be inferred from Israel’s current advantage in cyber space is that this has become its Achilles heel which could be an opportunity for any country to take their nation to its knees.

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